Gianyar is a regency (kabupaten) in the island of Bali. It has an area of 368 km2 making it the second most densely populated district in Bali.

Ubud a centre of art and tourism, is located in Gianyar. Form HArmony residence you just in 25 minutes in Ubud.

Sanur is a seaside town in the southeast just minutes from Harmony Residence. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes along the coastline. 

Ketewel is a peaceful village located just a few kilometres up the coastline from Sanur. It is essentially a rural area known for its fertile volcanic soil and rice terraces that grow by the sea. Ketewel is accessed by a new bypass that enables travellers to explore Bali with relative ease.

Keramas Beach is a beautiful black sandy beach situated in the east of Sanur which is dealing to the Indian Ocean. This beach is favored by the big and fast wave that offers more challenges for every surfer to conquer it and enjoy the surf adventures. Komune Beach Club is one of the famous surf points in Bali Island that many visited by surfers from both foreign countries and local. The black sand stretch 10 miles from Klungkung Regency to the west until Padang Galak Beach with its yearly Kite festival is a value edit own by this beach and it is blessed by the beautiful and romantic view of the sunrise. 

Rangkan Beach

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